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Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Reviews

Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Reviews

How to Protect Your Dog from High Temperatures

How to Protect Your Dog from High Temperatures

Dog Care Tips

How to Protect Your Dog from High Temperatures

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High temperatures during the summer are a serious threat to our beloved dogs. Even if they can’t let us know, they suffer from the heat. But this goes beyond discomfort. High temperatures are dangerous if they aren’t handled properly.

With hotter summers every year, it’s important to understand how we can protect dogs from the heat. Unfortunately, this time of the year causes many fatalities among pets, so being prepared is paramount.

In the following lines, we will talk about how to protect your dog from high temperatures. We set the excuses aside and address the issue with smart measures.

Guarantee Constant Hydration

If we guarantee a constant supply of fresh, clean water to our dogs, they will do the rest. A hot summer stimulates us to have a healthy hydration all the time. The same happens with animals, which suffer the same or more as us.

Hydration is fundamental to keep high temperatures at bay, decreasing the health-related risks. In this scenario, water becomes way more important than food. Our dogs drink water as a countermeasure for heat, trying to cool themselves.

Set the Right Conditions

We can do nothing against the summer’s wild temperatures. The only thing we can do is to work on the conditions that we can influence somehow. For example, at home, we need to set up a comfortable, fresh space for our dogs to play and rest.

If your dog lives indoors, the air conditioner is the smartest choice to guarantee a pleasant environment. In the opposite scenario, while outdoors, try to ensure a comfy space with enough shadow to guarantee a low temperature during the day.

Cut Its Hair

While some dogs naturally have short hair with very low volume, others have abundant manes. Even if they look very good with long hair, they may be suffering in the summer. So, consider trimming their hair enough to guarantee a comfortable temperature.

A great advice here is to get their hair wet in the hottest hours of the day, especially their heads. This can help a lot to handle the painful heat.

Be Conscious When in the Car

Dog owners need to understand something: in the summer, your cars are genuine dead traps. Too many vet clinics all around the world receive dogs in critical conditions due to these unfortunate situations.

Under the hot sun of summer, the interior of a car can get up to 50 degrees Celsius. This is a deadly scenario for a dog, even if you leave the window half-way opened. Only a few minutes are needed for the temperature to go up and to cause an irreparable damage to our beloved pets.

Choose the Hours Out More Wisely

In the summer, you are basically forced to adjust your schedule. If you like to go out and jog with your dog in the afternoons, this may change in this time of the year. You need to give a second thought to the hours you choose to be outside.

If you want to exercise with your dog outside, for example, do it in the early morning or after the sunset, when there are no dangerous sunlight or extreme temperatures.

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