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Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Reviews

Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Reviews

First Time trying Blue Buffalo (Wilderness)


Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

First Time trying Blue Buffalo (Wilderness)

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So this is a story someone wrote about their experience with Blue wilderness. Unfortunately, their dogs had been victim to several illnesses and she was in need of some type of solution.  She was recommended Blue Wilderness and this is her story.  For My Pitbull Goku, he’s eaten Blue Wilderness pretty much his whole life. He’s almost 5 years old now, so in that time I have tried different foods alongside blue wilderness. I have two reasons why I decided to switch. First reason i switched for a few months, was financially motivated. I was inbetween jobs and buying Blue wasn’t the most economical option. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I did end up buying him low grade dog food for about three months.  Eventually I was back on my feet and was able to purchase Blue Wilderness Chicken for large Breed for my Dog again.  Boy was he happy! Second Reason I switched was just curiosity.  He had been on blue wilderness for so long, I wanted to see how other foods affected him.

Goku Loves Blue Wilderness Chicken

Goku Loves Blue Wilderness Chicken

I tried three different foods, generic dog food, Touch of the Wild & Merricks.

I’m not sure if Goku was just exited to try something else, but I had no issues with him eating either food.  I feel like generic dog food is to dogs what fast food is to humans. Goku seems to LOVE generic dog food so much! Its kinda funny. Luckily he didnt have to eat that stuff for long. I didnt see a huge change, but he did seem to get a little scrawny. After the financial rut, I was able to move back to some better food. Touch of the wild and Merricks, were the new foods on the menu. I fed Goku both foods seperately for about 2/3 months each. I only noticed ONE Difference…. His muscles seemed to shrink, as with the generic food.  He’s a pitbull, so he’s naturally muscular, but this food wasn’t helping him maintain the mass he had already built.  The Blue wilderness he was used to eating had about 8-12% more protein than both touch of the wild and merricks. Im guessing this is what made the difference. Within a few months of putting him back on Blue, he started to bulk up again. I dont give him any supplements. We do a decent amount of running during the week and all he eats is blue wilderness treats and food.  My experience with blue has always been positive. Goku has never had any health problems and his body and muscle tone definitely respond well to the extra protein.

Read on to Learn How this woman gave her dogs Blue wilderness to help relieve some health issues.

Getting Ready to Try Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Written by Katherine E Lewis.

I have two American Cocker Spaniels, ages 3 years and 10 years. Throughout their lifetime, we have battled ear infections, severe skin rashes which left them with horrible, raw spots. I have researched every possible solution to remedy this situation, and feel like we’ve tried everything recommended, aside from Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food.

The first thing that typically happens is the ear and/or skin infection gets so bad that it requires a veterinary visit. That visit typically results in an antibiotic (usually C-Flax) and Prednisone (for the inflammation). So, for several weeks, the situation seems to improve, but the symptoms return as soon as the medicines leave their systems.

Hot spot sprays have provided temporary relief for their itching. Tea Tree shampoos, as well as the sulfur-based prescription ones, never seem to solve the problem. I even tried the Borax and Peroxide method that was recommended for mange. Out of anything, that was probably the most successful treatment for the itching and healing of the hot spots and hives.

The problem is internal. The raw food diet seemed to be helping, but I am not convinced they were getting enough vitamins out of it, and I also was concerned that the food would spoil. A chef I am not! I joined a social page of raw food fans in the hopes of getting some tips and pointers, but felt attacked within minutes of joining. I was given a lot of conflicting advice, and it wasn’t quite the support system I’d hoped for. Being able to give them a raw chicken leg or wing, occasionally, is a nice treat, but I really don’t have the time to commit to preparing the raw food for them. Not to mention, when my dogs are staying somewhere when I travel, most people aren’t thrilled to be handling the raw meet.

The only food we haven’t tried for them is the Blue Buffalo brand. I researched it and determined the Wilderness version is the one best suited for my dogs. The reviews from other dog owners, who also used to battle skin and ear infections with their pets, are more than impressive. The cost of the food is steep, but my reasoning is that if it cuts back on all the shampoos and medicines I keep purchasing, I’ll come out even.

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For me and my Dog Goku, Blue Wilderness Chicken for Large Breed is his Food of Choice! After 5 Years goku hasnt had any health problems.  I am definitely a Blue Wilderness Fan!

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