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Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Reviews

Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Reviews

At the Beach with Your Dog: 5 Things to Know

At the Beach with Your Dog 5 Things to Know


At the Beach with Your Dog: 5 Things to Know

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Summer is here and having fun at the beach is the most natural thing to do. But visiting your favorite beach with your canine friend is something you need to plan. You need to think about multiple factors before taking your things and getting in the water with your dog.

Keep Reading, as we will address 5 things you need to know about enjoying at the beach alongside with your dog. Be ready to have a great time this summer!

Respect the Rules

The first thing you need to consider is that local rules should be respected. Most beaches, especially the very popular ones, have strict guidelines when it comes to pet visitors. Being careless about this isn’t proper coming from a responsible pet owner.

While there are beaches where dogs are free to have fun, others forbid it, punishing pet owners with heavy fines. In any case, a quick search online can give you all the information you may need about this matter.

Take Drinking Water with You

If your dog likes to get in the water, it’s paramount to provide constant hydration. The owners who don’t give their dogs water when having fun at the beach are basically forcing their little friends to take a sip from the sea.

Sea water can cause severe gut irritation immediately, something you want to avoid at all cost. If you must force your dog to drink from your water, do it.

Consider the Hot Sand

You will be probably using flip flops at the beach, so having hot sand under your feet isn’t such a problem. However, your dog may get hurt if the sand is very hot. Its paws are exposed to suffer from severe burning and other relevant skin injuries.

If you ask your vet about the risks that the sun implies at the beach, he will confirm this. Nevertheless, the only effective way to protect your dog from this situation is by visiting the beach when the sun goes down. That’s why the midday may be the worst moment to get to the beach with your dog.

Be Conscious About Hygiene

Don’t be that person that takes a dog to the beach and forgets about its basic needs. Even when having fun at the beach, your dog will still need to pee and poop. So, taking the proper measures is a good idea to preserve the place’s cleanliness and respect other people’s experience.

Take with you the needed waste disposal bags alongside with an empty plastic bottle. The idea of having a bottle is to fill it with sea water in case your dog pees on the sand. This way, you will contribute with the beach’s good hygiene.

Don’t Force Your Furry Friend into the Sea

If you’ve never taken your dog to the beach before, you don’t know exactly how it’s going to react. In any case, you should let them decide if it feels comfortable or not in the water.

Many dogs feel stressed when in the water, ignoring if they are in real danger or not. The drowning sensation and the apparent danger may cause distress and anxiety, something that isn’t healthy nor pleasant for your little friend.


Hopefully You Enjoyed These Summer Tips! Have any comments or Tips of Your Own? Lets talk on Facebook Or Instagram!

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